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Best 5 Wedding Photographers in Delhi

We have curated a list of the best photographers in Delhi. So, anyone who is in search of a photographer can hire them to capture the memories of their special day. Be it a wedding, pre-wedding photoshoot, anniversary, corporate event, etc, the photographers are experienced with the required skills. So, hire the right photographer that best fits your budget.

The Wed Café Team : The Wed Café Team is one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. They are a team of passionate photographers who specializes in wedding photography, pre-wedding shoots, destination weddings, candid photography, and engagement shoots. Hire them to capture the beautiful moments of your event.

Mani Sharma : The best photographer in Delhi, Mani Sharma provides services for destination weddings in India as well as abroad. What started as a hobby now defines his life. Mani Sharma is a software engineer who was always fond of capturing moments.

Magica by Rishabh Agarwal : For Rishabh, photography is his passion. He quit his corporate job to follow his passion for storytelling through photographs. He founded Magica for documenting the stories of different people. He has experience of working with various people all across the globe.

Upasna Studio : Upasna Studio is the topmost destination wedding photographer in Delhi NCR who has years of experience in shooting a wedding in India. They capture almost 150 weddings in a year. They are ready to travel all over India for the wedding. Whether you want to shoot in New Delhi or Goa or Rajasthan, they will be there with you to capture your memories and provide a unique experience.

Photoportray : Chandan Puri was a digital marketer who left his job for his long-time passion i.e. photography. Since 2017, he has been working full-time as a photographer. At Photoportray, you can be sure that your wedding will remain an unforgettable event. Chandan and his team will ensure that each and every snippet will create a breathtaking visual for you and your family to cherish forever.

Book the best photographers in Delhi mentioned above. They will capture the emotions, precious moments, and craziness of your wedding day. Go through their portfolio properly to see whether they fit your criteria or not. The above list contains photographers who are the best in their field. They have years of experience in clicking pictures and delivering the best services to their clients.


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