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Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist For Couples - EventsEazy

Everyone knows the importance of pictures on a wedding day. A wedding is considered to be the most important day in a couple’s life. And to remember this day, lots of memories are captured by a wedding photographer. Make sure to hire the best event photographer in Delhi to click the pictures of your special day. 

Photographs are the only thing that will remain with us forever. We can only revisit those moments through these pictures. Therefore, we have curated a list of must-have wedding photographs for all the couples who are gearing up for their wedding day. Let’s have a look at them:

While Getting Ready

  • Lehenga or saree of the bride.

  • Groom’s sherwani or tuxedo.

  • Jewelry of bride and groom.

  • Their accessories including footwear, chooda, stole, etc.

  • Process of makeup and hairstyling.

  • Mother and father giving the last final touch.

  • Bridesmaids helping bride get ready and same with the groom side.


  • Venue pictures before and after the final decoration.

  • Wedding stage.

  • Entrance of the venue.

  • Intricate details such as flower decoration, table setting, mandap, etc.


  • Close-up full portraits of bride and groom.

  • One with their parents.

  • One for the wedding album. 

  • Few with friends and family members.

  • Of course! Lovey-dovey couple portraits.

Fun Moments

  • Family members and friends applying haldi.

  • With your best friend(s).

  • With parents.

  • One entire family picture having a gala time.

  • If you are a pet lover, then don’t forget your furry friend.

Adorable Snaps

  • Bride walking under a phoolon ki chaadar.

  • Groom entering with all the baraatis.

  • Nok-jhok at the entry gate. 

  • Exchanging varmalas.

  • Sacred sindoor moment.

  • While taking pheras.

  • Emotional vidaai time.

Candid Clicks

  • Groom caught in the act of stealing a look at her bride.

  • Groom and bride looking at each other.

  • Parents looking at their daughter with tear-filled eyes.

  • Friends and family members showing their moves on the dance stage.

There are so many moments that you feel can be clicked and saved forever in a wedding ceremony. Well, it can only be done if you book the best event photographer nearby.

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